13 October 2008: Emergency – Lorries Killing Cyclists

After a summer of fun on two wheels, we turn to more serious matters. The entire show this week is devoted to the problem of lorries killing cyclists in London. With Barry Mason of Southwark Cyclists and Cynthia Barlow, chairwoman of RoadPeace, the national campaign against deaths on Britain’s roads. We also hear from London Assembly Member Val Shawcross who is tabling a motion this week urging more action to make the roads safer for London’s cyclists.

To write to your elected representatives about this issue, visit WriteToThem.com. It takes a matter of minutes and works. You’ll find excellent coverage of the lorry/cyclist issue over at Moving Target, including some very good sample letters for inspiration. Barry Mason’s full notes of last week’s inquest into the killing of Nga Diep are available here.

Play on links below. Other file formats (Ogg Vorbis, 64kb MP3) over here.

6 thoughts on “13 October 2008: Emergency – Lorries Killing Cyclists

  1. It sickens me to hear of the lives that have been lost. My thoughts and prayers are with all the loved ones and friends.

    In the states there is a movement underway to require motorists to give cyclists a minimum of 3 feet clearance as they pass the cyclist. Eleven states have adopted the law and others will soon.

    To spread the word about this law I designed a jersey that boldly and powerfully directs the message to motorists as they pass the cyclist. It’s called the “3 Feet Please” jersey. Some of my biggest customers for the jersey are states that don’t even have the law yet. So, after reading this story, I thought why not London?

    Please go to http://www.3feetplease.com and learn more.

    Thank you,
    Joe Mizereck

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