19 December 2005 – Kids on bikes?

Kids on bikes – a good idea or trouble around the corner? Alex Crawford finds out more by talking with Guy Bardoe of the School Travel Plan campaign in the London Borough of Southwark and asking some local children and parents.



2 thoughts on “19 December 2005 – Kids on bikes?

  1. While I appreciated the show, I found the actual program to get such young kids to ride to school to be misguided and even dangerous. So I was a bit shocked. (Also shocked to learn that helmets are optional!!!!! Here in Australia they are both a principle and law!!!)

    I don’t think some of what you are doing in London are ways forward at all.

    I’m also waiting for a program on scooters/kick bikes as thats’ me: a home made dogscooter (using BMX wheels). With arthritis these units are great for urban transit and are more demanding of the body than a bike as an exercise option. For people with a limitation –0 like me with arthritis — they are great and are so flexible in a urban environment — public tranport, street, pavement, bike tarck, push, walk by side, scoot, whatever…

    dave riley

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