2 thoughts on “19 December 2005 – Kids on bikes?

  1. While I appreciated the show, I found the actual program to get such young kids to ride to school to be misguided and even dangerous. So I was a bit shocked. (Also shocked to learn that helmets are optional!!!!! Here in Australia they are both a principle and law!!!)

    I don’t think some of what you are doing in London are ways forward at all.

    I’m also waiting for a program on scooters/kick bikes as thats’ me: a home made dogscooter (using BMX wheels). With arthritis these units are great for urban transit and are more demanding of the body than a bike as an exercise option. For people with a limitation –0 like me with arthritis — they are great and are so flexible in a urban environment — public tranport, street, pavement, bike tarck, push, walk by side, scoot, whatever…

    dave riley

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