19 June 2006: It’s Bike Week!

This year’s Bike Week coincides with the London Architecture Biennale, which has got a lot of cyclists thinking about architecture and a lot of architects thinking about cycling. At the launch of the Reinventing The Bike Shed exhibition, I speak with organisers Adam Thorpe of Bikeoff and Stephanie Laslett of Feilden Clegg Bradley and Associates about how the exhibition came about and what’s on show.

The show also spotlights the Christiania Bike from Denmark, in conversation with its creators Lars Engstrom and Annie Lerche and Andrea Casalotti of Velorution, the bike shop on a mission to bring these fantastic multipurpose workhorse tricycles to the streets of London.

And a quick heads-up for the ‘Midsummer Madness’ summer solstice bike ride, on the night of Tuesday 20st June, through the night up to the top of Primrose Hill for the sunrise and down to the Globe Theatre for breakfast on Wednesday morning. All with the redoubtable Barry Mason of Southwark Cyclists.



2 thoughts on “19 June 2006: It’s Bike Week!

  1. Perhaps you should have a look at Nihola bikes, they’re smaller and more nimble–important on bike-paths–than Christiania bikes, and a lot more fun to ride too.

    There’s also Sorte Jernhest (english site under construction), but I haven’t tried one of those.

    Christiania bikes, Niholas and Sorte Jernhest (translation: “Black Ironhorse”) is what you see here in the streets of Copenhagen, apart from normal bikes.

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