20 February 2006 show: Cycling in the media

In this week’s show we look at cycling and the media. Do newspapers, TV and radio do justice to cyclists? Does it matter? As more and more people get on two wheels, is media coverage of cycling changing at all? Featuring comment from Buffalo Bill who runs the Moving Target zine and Matt Seaton who writes about cycling in The Guardian newspaper.


2 thoughts on “20 February 2006 show: Cycling in the media

  1. Another interesting show Jack-

    Thanks for bringing Matt Seaton’s excellent column to our attention- something I hadn’t come across before, as I don’t usually bother reading the Guardian’s motoring pages. It makes a good print partner to the bikeshow.

    I have to disagree with “Buffalo” Bill’s criticism of Matt’s ‘Ipod’ story. I suggest Bill should read the article and he’ll realise Matt is ‘one of the good guys’ and he isn’t attributing the blame to the cyclist (for wearing an ipod) as you said.
    I felt it was responsible for Matt to maintain a level of caution regarding advising against wearing headphones, and he strikes an even balance unlike the articles in the Mail.

    Rather hypocriticaly I heard this show as a podcast on my commute home, but fortunately maintained presence of mind to make it home safely.


    check the rest of Matt’s columns here:


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