End of Season: The Best Bits, 2008-2010

bikeshowlogo-300The final show of the winter season is a pleasurable romp through some of the best bits of the last three years of bicycle broadcasting. Featuring, in no particular order:

Alistair Humphreys, Mark Miodownik, Cynthia Barlow, Klaus Bondam, Daniel Start, Rob Ainsley, Alex Moulton, Paul Staines (Guido Fawkes), Val Shawcross AM, Leslie Wacker, David Evans, Michael Woolf, Paul Fournel, ‘Buffalo’ Bill Chidley, Andy Allan, Tony Hadland, Patrick Field, Eben Weiss (Bike Snob NYC), Kieron Yates, Matt Tempest, Stephanie Laslett, Stephen Bayley, Jimbino Vegan & Triin Lemba (Too Dumb To Die), Jason Cobb, Clovis Salmon (Sam the Wheels), Ron Cooper, children from Lockleys Primary School and a few others whose I don’t know.

Shame and Scandal in Professional Cycling

Credit: Andrew Mason http://www.flickr.com/photos/a_mason/19191446/

Crusading, anti-doping sports journalist Lionel Birnie of Cycling Weekly gives his views on the latest revelations about professional cycling. You can read the 30,000-word transcript of Paul Kimmage’s interview with Floyd Landis at the NY Velocity blog. Mr NikBagTV presents the Lance Armstrong defence over on YouTube.

Plus an appeal to listeners in the European Union to write to their elected representatives in the European Parliament urging new measures to protect cyclists from lorries and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). For more, visit www.seemesaveme.com

Up the ‘Uts: The Slow Death (and Rebirth?) of the British Cycling Club


Kieron Yates‘s documentary feature on the countryside huts of the 32nd Association of North London cycle clubs sparks a discussion on the demise of the traditional cycling club and the possibilities for renaissance. With Nigel Wood, Chairman of the Dulwich Paragon club, who tells the story of how this 75 year old south London club’s fortunes were turned around.