21 November 2005 Show: Sheldon Brown

Featuring the mighty Sheldon Brown on the marvels of classic English 3-speed bicycles. Sheldon Brown is the technical guru at Harris Cyclery and owns one of the world’s greatest collections of weird and wonderful bikes, including a bizarre fixed gear tandem, a bike that allows its rider to choose between drop and straight handlebars whilst riding and a roadster dating from 1916. Also in the show is Astrid Van Herpen of Pro Velo in Brussels talking about cycling in the Belgian capital.



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5 thoughts on “21 November 2005 Show: Sheldon Brown

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  2. I am currently working my way through your podcast, and I love it! This particular episode is one of my favorites, I have come back to it three or four times to listen to Sheldon “talk about English Three Speeds”. After listening to this episode, and reading Mr. Brown’s: English Three-speeds Care and Feeding, I started keeping an eye out for them in the different cities I’d visit for work. I decided that this would be the perfect wedding gift for my bride to be. It was in Dallas Texas that I found the perfect bicycle, it’s name was Hazeroth. The owner of the bike purchased it new in 1978, she had toured on it, commuted on it, stored it inside, and loved it intensely. I told her I wanted to know everything there was to know about this bike and she promised to email me the story of it’s name and her personal history with the bike, which she did.
    Upon our finalizing hand shake and exchange of cash, she started to tear up, so I assured her that Hazeroth was going to be well loved, and I would send her pictures of my fiancĂ© on the bike in her wedding dress. Our wedding is in October, I’ve been spending time making the bike as beautiful as possible, and I can not wait to see my fiancĂ© ride it as my wife.

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