28 November 2005: Surviving the winter on two wheels

This week newbie cyclist Alex Crawford and veteran London bike messenger Buffalo Bill swap notes on how to survive the winter on two wheels. Featuring interviews with Simon from Brixton Cycles and Simon Mottram from Rapha. We also discuss the distressing news of yet another killing of a London cyclist by a left-turning heavy goods vehicle and what this means in terms of road safety policy.




2 thoughts on “28 November 2005: Surviving the winter on two wheels

  1. Brixton cycles is proberly the most expensive shop out there..#
    They are so expensive that i feel middle class walking inside..
    how ever cool it is to have Ethopian colours for a riders shirt, it dont mean you have to charge the earth…they have alot of staff & I think thats great but all those wages means high prices… Check out herne hill cycles for a little cheaper deals…

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