31 July 2006: The folding miracle: inside the Brompton factory

In this last show of the current season we’re getting technical, with a visit to the Brompton factory. Bromptons are the best all round folding bicycles in the world and the invention of Andrew Ritchie, who started making them in his flat more than 25 years ago. They are still made in west London – in fact the only form of transportation still manufactured in the capital. Matt Tempest is awed by the brazing, bending and bashing that goes into a Brompton. Plus the demystification of wheelbuilding with Ian McCormick.

The Bike Show will be back with the falling of autumn leaves.

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2 thoughts on “31 July 2006: The folding miracle: inside the Brompton factory

  1. The factory sounds were great – the near-argument with that wheel guy was funny! Great radio and good marketing for Brompton. I hope they reimburse the station appropriately.
    I wonder how a visit to Brompton’s Taiwan factory would compare – are the employees there as happy and fulfilled as the ones in London?

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