5 December 2005 Show – Police on bikes!!

This week we look at the subject of police and paramedics on bikes. Kieron Yates interviews Sergeant Robert Bliss of the City of London police’s cycle team. And a big shout to Bike Show listeners in Halifax, Nova Scotia!



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One Response to 5 December 2005 Show – Police on bikes!!

  1. Bicycle Commuter Mike December 22, 2005 at 4:35 am #

    I love the Bike Show! Bicycle commter here in Lincoln Nebraska U.S.A. I found your podcast about 2 months ago and am now working through all the archives. I live the Bike Show, I learn the Bike Show and I Love the Bike Show. One might say it is a Bike Show fetish of sorts. I love bicycles, the way they look and the way they cruise in and out of traffic.

    Jack you really do a great job with the show, so keep it up I really enjoy it.

    bicycle commuter mike

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