8 January 2007 – Doorstep Adventures with Patrick Field (part two)

In the second half of a ride with London cyclist Patrick Field, we cruise on the Woolwich Ferry, ride along the Thames Path through Greenwich before crossing in a tunnel under the Thames to the Isle of Dogs and from there onwards to old pumping station in Wapping converted into a arts space and cafe.

Along the way we discuss the revolutionary era of the bicycle, humanity and the march of progress and the challenges of global and local environmental imperatives. Heavy stuff, which might explain why Patrick suffers the Bike Show’s first ever live on air puncture.

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2 thoughts on “8 January 2007 – Doorstep Adventures with Patrick Field (part two)

  1. I really enjoyed this show, sounds like a smart fella that bloke. Interesting and inspiring.

    “You don’t get people to change by making them guilty”. So true.

    I think your show is a classic example of creating a cool exciting, interesting bike culture that makes people want to be a part of.

    Ride on
    Cheeky Transport

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