8 September 2008: Ian Hibell – Paying respects to a legend

Remembering Ian Hibell, the world’s most accomplished and intrepid long-distance cyclist and adventurer, who was run down and killed on a road in Greece last month, aged 74. He’d been on a ‘training ride’ which began in Hull (England) in preparation for his next trip to Nepal and Tibet. Nic Henderson talks about his friend and hero. For more about Ian Hibell’s life, adventures and bicycles, including some superb photographs, visit Nic’s excellent website. From the Tour of Britain we hear the latest news from the Rapha-Condor-Recycling team and a protestor from Climate Camp who has something to say about energy company E-on’s sponsorship of this year’s Tour.

Update: Subsequent to this broadcast, The Economist published a superb obituary of Ian Hibell.

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2 thoughts on “8 September 2008: Ian Hibell – Paying respects to a legend

  1. Another excellent podcast Jack. It certainly flowed well with the last 2 bike touring episodes.

    What an interesting fellow, I have never heard of him before, so thanks for enlightening me! I plan to explore his website more and read into this man’s legecy.

    Like I said before, I love hearing stories of bicycle travelers, especially one’s from the 70’s.

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