9 October 2006 – Mississippi Tales (part two)

Second half of Kieron Yates’s ride down the Mississippi. He crosses the Mason-Dixon line and enters the realm of the South. On the way he encounters juke joints, folk art, learns about the role of bicycles in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and has an fascinating encounter with The Voice.



3 thoughts on “9 October 2006 – Mississippi Tales (part two)

  1. wonderful show, loved hearing ‘the voice’. what a cool cat. keep up the good work this season, and i hope many more. i’ve listened to you on my mp3 player at work since february (i think) and all episodes so far, whether about tech, sports, culture or traffic, have been great. especially appreciate the fact that you’re not smug f****ng hippies 🙂

  2. Great to have another series of the bikeshow- and interesting to hear how Kieron got on on his epic fixed tour.

    If you were on the BBC the Bikeshow would surely be worthy of praise on ‘Feedback’ Jack 🙂

    Keep the programmes coming- can’t wait for the TDF 2007 shows.

  3. Mark, David: Thanks for taking the time to comment. Really means a lot to hear that people are enjoying the show. I’m very much looking forward to TdF 2007 too, in fact I may be making a secret recce to the route of the first road stage from London to Canterbury. More in due course…

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