A Bright New Dawn for Cycling in London?

London Mayor Boris Johnson’s new Vision for Cycling has won widespread praise for its ambition of making London streets more inviting for people on bikes, following the successes of cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Jack Thurston is joined by three cycling activists for a look at the details and to share their views on what really needs to be done to make London a safer and more pleasant place to ride a bike. Featuring Trevor Parsons, coordinator of Hackney Cyclists, blogger Mark Treasure and bike poloist, blogger and former bike messenger Buffalo Bill Chidley

2 thoughts on “A Bright New Dawn for Cycling in London?

  1. Do commuters from Harlow really park up close to Victoria Park?
    I know from personal experience that commuters do drive into Greater London and park up around the stations on the extremities of the tube network. It was certainly common around Soth Woodford and Snaresbrook on the Central Line. But I can’t think of any reason for folk to choose Vicky Park, there’s no tube there for a start.

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