Adventures in Bikepacking

Is bikepacking the most exciting new thing in cycling since the invention of the mountain bike or a much needed rebranding of the venerable pastime of cycle touring? Or is just another cynical ruse to get us to buy more stuff, an attempt to commercialise that wonderful thing called adventure. Jack heads to mid-Wales for the Bear Bones Winter Event to find out, and meets up with Beth Barrington of WildCat Gear to hear about the homespun beginnings of a small company that makes some of the best bikepacking gear available.

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Bikepacking

  1. At the risk of sounding like a fanboy why is this not on Radio 4 or similar? This is comparable to the excellent Clare Balding ramblings programme so deserves a wider audience.

  2. Mr Thurston is an excellent radio presenter. Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like Whispering Bob Harris?

    Having discovered The Bike Show a couple of months ago I have downloaded all the podcasts to my iPod and am gradually catching up.

    This was an excellent programme worthy of wider circulation.

  3. Working my way backwards, love the show. Curious how with the seat, frame and handlebar bags system, there is a place for a sleeping bag and tent? Bungeed to the seat bag?

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