Ain’t Nuthin’ but a G Thang: Geraint Thomas’s World of Cycling


In a live event Jack Thurston talks to double Olympic gold medallist and top Team Sky rider Geraint Thomas about his life in cycling as told in his new book The World of Cycling According to G.

If your cycling is more pottering than peloton, then you can find out more about Jack’s latest book: Lost Lanes Wales over here.

4 thoughts on “Ain’t Nuthin’ but a G Thang: Geraint Thomas’s World of Cycling

  1. Thanks for this entertaining and informative segment, which – once recovered from the implied affront to the World’s greatest living Welsh person – I really enjoyed.

    The lives of bicycle sadhus are always instructive for us dilettantes.

    Listeners may also enjoy the excellent writings occasionally posted here.

  2. Have to side with Patrick here… Nicole Cooke is certainly one of the greatest, no question. Her palmares was earned more in an era where the women’s sport was covered as much as it is today, and they quite often didn’t earn any money. But, she’s still a giant in cycling.

  3. Patrick, David, you make a fair point. In my defence I did say ‘probably’.

    And famous / celebrated doesn’t mean quite the same as decorated. I suspect Geraint Thomas has the greater name recognition and the queues for his book signings in Cardiff were something to behold.

    Plus there’s the inescapable fact that comparisons between men’s and women’s bike racing is notoriously difficult. Beryl Burton v. Bradley Wiggins? How do you factor in the strength in depth of the men’s sport versus the relative shallow fields of women’s racing (much of the elite women’s sport is still contested largely by amateurs or semi-professionals). Compare with, say, tennis, where there is much greater parity.

    And then there’s comparisons across time. In the 1890s Arthur Linton from Aberdare won Bordeaux-Paris, broke the hour record and was declared ‘champion cyclist of the world’. All at the height of the first bike boom when cycling was a much higher profile sport than it is today.

    But there is no doubt that on straight palmares, Cooke is Wales’s winningest bike racer. I hope to get her on the podcast someday!

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