All the Young Dudes: The Revival of Bicycle Framebuilding in Britain

Ted James explains the frame-mounted hub gear in his

For a second year, the Bespoked show in Bristol was platform for a new generation of British bicycle framebuilders to showcase their work. We profile Gillingham-based petrolhead turned touring bicycle framebuilder Paul Villiers and at hear from Tom Donhou, Ted James, Ricky Feather and Jonathan Paulus about how they got their start and what it takes to become a good framebuilder.

This coming weekend in Glasgow, live art group Fish & Game present their own 21st Century re-imagining of the 1901 Cycling Gymkhana. Tweed-loving artistic director Eilidh MacAskill explains more.

In a podcast-only extra, cycle sport journalist Lionel Birnie gives us his take on the spring classics thus far and looks ahead to this weekend’s Paris Roubaix. Watch A Sunday In Hell on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “All the Young Dudes: The Revival of Bicycle Framebuilding in Britain

  1. Jack, just back from Herne Hill as recommended by you. I took my son. What you didn’t mention was that it would cost £12 each to get in. I couldn’t afford it so we came home again. An hour each way. I’d also checked on the Herne Hill Velodrome site and whilst the event is shown in the calendar of events there is no mention of cost if you follow the “more details” link. Now you and Herne Hill might think that a £12 entrance fee is not worth the trouble of mentioning. Unfortunately I’m not in the same boat.

    • Hugh
      If you go to the Herne Hill Velodrome website and the 2012 racing calendar, you’ll see a ‘Buy Tickets’ link.

      If you see the flyer for the event it’s also clear there’s an entrance fee:

      You might not know it but the Good Friday meet is the biggest day of racing at Herne Hill and has been for most of the 20th century. There’s always been an entrance fee – how else are the prizes funded? You wouldn’t turn up to the FA Cup final at Wembley and expect to get in free, would you?

    • Hi Hugh
      Sorry to hear about your wasted journey – that’s too bad. Next time I’ll be sure to mention the entrance fee, though Veloiste is right, it was well advertised on the HH Velodrome website. There are plenty of other race meets this year where spectators get in free, so hopefully you and your son can catch one of those and it might make up for some of the disappointment.
      best wishes,

      • Jack, thanks for taking the time to reply. I’d dispute your assertion that the event was well-advertised on the HH Velodrome site. I’ve no idea how you’d get to the racing calendar page that Veloiste links to. It’s not one of the five menu options at the top of the page. As I mentioned I used the Calendar on the right of the Homepage. Clicked on the Good Friday event (still visible today) clicked on the “more details” option and found … precisely nothing. So perhaps the message for HH Velodrome is that their website needs to be friendlier for incompetent poor people.

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