Bart Kyzar: Man on a Mission


The messenger bag is one of the defining elements of the “new urban bike culture” and Bart Kyzar has been making bombproof bags for bicyclists since the mid-1990s, first with Chrome and now with Mission Workshop, based in San Francisco.

Last summer Mission Workshop opened a new store at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. While riding through the sunny streets of London, Bart tells how he and a couple of friends started making messenger bags while living in a warehouse in Boulder, Colorado, how rising osteopathy bills led to a fundamental rethink of traditional messenger bag design and why Mission Workshop is proud of its tiny niche in the US military industrial complex.

2 thoughts on “Bart Kyzar: Man on a Mission

  1. I didn’t know that that was a bike you’ve got there. I was looking over eBay for a bag like this and it’s pretty expensive. I hope Santa would send over some. Happy holidays everyone!

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