23 February 2009: Bicycle Polo and No Bike Week

Picture credit: Roxy EricksonBicycle polo. It’s the latest sensation that’s sweeping the nation. After an account of bicycle polo played with Hungarian counts in 1934 from Patrick Leigh Fermour’s classic Between the Woods and the Water, we travel to De Beauvoir Town to find out how the game is being played in 2009. The European Hard Court Bicycle Polo Championships will be held in London this August. For more on where to play, there are lots of listings here.

No Bike Week – what happens to a cyclist when he or she can’t ride for a week? Let’s find out. More details soon. It’s likely that No Bike Week will take place at some point between now and Easter 2009. Expresssions of interest to bikeshow@resonancefm.com

Picture credit: Roxy Erickson.

Play on links below. Other file formats (e.g. Ogg Vorbis) over here.

  • http://twitter.com/mplsbikepolo Sveden

    Why were so many of the bike polo people interviewed not Brits? Where did they come from?

  • http://herdingbats.blogspot.com Dingbat

    No Bike Week would be rough.

    But very very much, for your listeners, in the spirit of Lent.

  • Jack

    @Sveden: I think it has as much to do with comparative willingness to talk to a radio reporter holding a microphone as to do with who is playing bike polo.

    There were certainly a lot of North American accents on court that day but London is, after all, a global city. Perhaps one of the London bike polo cognoscenti can explain.

  • http://www.londonbikepololeague.blogspot.com Mike

    Yea, the London bike polo community is about 1/2 English, 3/8 North American, 1/8 other. Just like London itself.
    Only 2 or 3 of the English will step up to talk to a reporter… Bill does it repetitively though.

  • Jack

    Mike, if London is 3/8th North American, that’s news to me. Maybe Notting Hill, but… And how about all those polo-playing Scots and Welsh?

  • Timo

    Interesting show about bike polo. It’s played also here in Helsinki, but I’ve never tried.

    No bike week….I have to think about that.


  • http://www.londonbikepololeague.blogspot.com Mike

    Sorry Jack, I should have been more clear. Seems to me London is roughly half British, half everything else.

  • Jack

    Mike, I was just ribbing you….

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  • http://tenyen.net/ -=[ ten yen ]=-

    Managed to catch most of this season live on resonance but missed this episode and the finale. Should I not hold out for the Ogg version and brave the evil of mp3? I wouldn’t give up my bike, but try to avoid proprietary audio formats.

  • Jack

    @Tenyen – When I get a spare moment I’ll upload the rest of the season’s shows to archive.org and thus other file formats will be available. But it’s not currently a high priority since they are only ever accessed a few dozen times.