Bike Test: Crossover Fun with the Pinnacle Arkose 2


In the first ever rolling bike test on The Bike Show, Jack Thurston takes the Pinnacle Arkose 2 for a spin around the hills above Abergavenny and Blaenavon. The Pinnacle Arkose 2 is an ‘adventure road’ bike featuring a 1×10 drivechain, hyraulic disc brakes and 40mm tyres. The list price is £850 though it’s currently on sale at £765. For more photos of the bike, see Jack’s review for BikesETC magazine.

3 thoughts on “Bike Test: Crossover Fun with the Pinnacle Arkose 2

  1. Wonderful show as usual that proved thoroughly entertaining. While I have mixed feelings about the gear reviews, your presentation of the bike in terms of focusing more on the type of bicycle it was rather than the actual unit was well presented and much appreciated. Although I must confess that the most rewarding Bike Show episodes to my ears are those that either incorporate a rolling interview or the type that you presented as a gift for those who supported The Bike Show. That said, I would not be opposed to more reviews if it meant a continuation of regularly published shows.

    Either way Jack, I truly hope that you continue to present on the Bike Show on a regular basis. Keep up the stellar interviews and honest critiques of life associated with the bicycle.


    Vancouver, BC Canada

  2. Hi Jack,

    I enjoyed the review, especially as it was an explanation of why anyone might want a gravel bike rather buying a rigid MTB.

    The commentary on the pro’s and con’s of the two types of disk brake was welcome. Disk brakes appeal to me as they spare the rims, yet I’m loathe to put anything on a bike that I cannot tinker with myself.

    So a thumbs up from me. I would happily listen to more reviews.



  3. The Specialised Diverge comes as a 8000 Euro Carbon machine (Jan Heine raved about it) as well as a 699 Claris equipped Aluminium. Interesting test: what is the difference? You would be the right guy to tell….

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