Inside the 2012 Olympic Velodrome


On the day before the completion of the construction phase of London’s new 6,000-seat velodrome on the 2012 Olympic site, we are treated to a sneak peek. Mike Taylor of Hopkins Architects presents the design vision and explains how he hopes it will not only be fast but environmentally sustainable and a great place to go and watch elite track racing. Mike argues that the threatened outdoor track at Herne Hill (which hosted the Olympics in 1948) is a vital ‘feeder track’ for the new Olympic facility.

Many London cyclists will know that the 2012 Velopark (velodrome, BMX track and road circuit) is being built on the site of the much-loved Eastway cycle circuit. A short film captures the final Tuesday night Ten Mile Time Trial before the circuit was demolished to make way for the 2012 Olympics.

Flickr set Velodrome pics (Creative Commons license!) here.

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  2. A new cycle circuit, the Redbridge Cycling Centre, 2KM in circumference, was built at Hogg Hill in Essex (though inside the London Borough of Redbridge) to replace the Eastway.

    When first proposed the Redbridge site was criticised for being too far away and containing too many newts (I kid you not, these had to be caught and released on an alternative site).

    Do you know what will happen to this facility after the road track is put in at Stratford?

  3. Eastway has so many fantastic memories for me as its where I first learned to race. Nice to see the last recorded images of it so thanks for posting. I hope the new facilities are worthy of its legacy.

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