Jah Tweed

Jen meets Tim Jacques, one of the film-makers at this year’s Bicycle Film Festival, whose film “Peace and Lovely Tailoring” combines Rastafari, cycling and tweed clothing – a surefire winner here at The Bike Show. And we hear from Patrick Morgan, a Kiwi over in Europe on a fact-finding mission about cycle training and campaigning. In a podcast extra this week, Jack chats with Brendt Barbur, founder of the Bicycle Film Festival, about cycling in London and New York and why 2012 will be all about women in cycling.

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  1. David Hembrow October 10, 2011 at 2:21 pm #

    After meeting Patrick a couple of weeks ago it’s good to hear his voice again.

    For others interested in a cycling Study Tour, please see the website. Previous tours have been summarized on the blog.

    The Autumn leaves don’t last too long here. In order to protect the breast-feeding and other cyclists of Assen, they’re swept away.

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