Season opener: Knutsford Great Race and all the fun of the Cycle Show 2010


Window shopping at the Cycle Show 2010 taking in the latest offerings from Brooks (saddles), Bisignals (lights), Bike Dock (storage), Carradice (bags), Schmidt Maschinenbau (dynamo lights) and the Moulton Bicycle Company. Matt Sparkes reports from the once-a-decade Knutsford Great Race, where upwards of 80 competitors raced their ‘ordinaries’ (penny farthings or high-wheelers) in a deadly serious 3 hour time trial.

Photo credit: Knutsford Great Race

5 thoughts on “Season opener: Knutsford Great Race and all the fun of the Cycle Show 2010

  1. Yesss ! you’re back, I was starting to give up all hope.
    I love your show, not only does it inspire me for biking, but I also listen to your music recommendation. I have not listened to the show yet, but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. Next time you come to Brussels, I’d be happy to invite you for a beer and go for a ride (you could sing karaoke while being carried around in the rickshaw).

  2. Welcome back Jack.
    I should just like to second the value of the Carradice rain cape. I wore mine on the very wet 2010 Isle of Wight randonee and it kept me both dry and cool.
    Its not perfect though, because the fold of the cape can catch your arm as you signal.
    And if you have a light on your handlebar take care not to obscure it with the hem of the cape.
    That said it keeps you and the bike dry and is quick to throw on at the first hint of rain.

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