Taking the Long View of The Tour de France

This year’s Tour de France is the 99th edition of a bicycle race that is rich in meaning and symbolism for the French nation. Christopher S. Thompson is professor of history at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and author of a widely acclaimed cultural history of the Tour de France. He discusses how the race came about in an era of rising nationalism and how the route itself was loaded with political meaning. Professor Thompson argues the race projected carefully constructed role models and entrenched traditional gender archetypes. More recently, controversies over doping in cycle sport can be linked to concerns about recreational drug use in wider society.

3 thoughts on “Taking the Long View of The Tour de France

  1. I’ve only recently discovered this podcast whilst searching for pods on the TDF. What a find ! I’m a voracious consumer of all types of podcasts, never mind this being one of the best cycling podcasts … it is one of the best pods full stop. In particular can I congratulate the crew on the high quality of the audio … it makes a big difference.

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