12 February 2007: More experimental bicycle music

Pipe cycleAnother thrilling dip into the world of experimental music involving bicycles. With guest in the studio Andy Cox, guitarist in The Beat, Fine Young Cannibals and Cribabi, who is known to play the occasional bicycle. We feature Frank Zappa’s first ever TV appearance (see below) – playing a bike! Plus music made by Sylvia Hallett, the Portland Bike Ensemble, Jon Rose’s Pursuit Project and Jab Mica Och El. Andy shares a few exclusive fragments of his own bicycle music.

Thanks to the knowledgeable folk at Create Digital Music for many of the leads on the music in this show.

See the full Frank Zappa appearance on the Steve Allen Show (1963): Part one and Part two.

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2 thoughts on “12 February 2007: More experimental bicycle music

  1. Hey,

    Just discovered your show via the experimental bicycle music presentation from Feb 2007. Great stuff. If you are interested, I’m an experimental musician, have a neat little piece called Half Crazy based on “Daisy (bicycle built for 2)” from 1992. Features bike sounds through a moog. If curious, email me, and I can send an mp3.

    Enjoyed your show, thanks for your presentation.

    C Goff III, Kansas, USA

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