Off-air antics: L’Enfer du Nord

One of the advantages of being off air for a while is more time to get out and about, for instance, a quick trip sous la Manche to watch the 2008 Paris-Roubaix, the Queen of the Classics. Just shy of 260 kilometers, with around 55 kilometers over the brutal pavé (cobblestone farm tracks) of northern France. Camera: Andy Curry, William Greswell.

And a few stills:

If all this makes you want to test yourself on the toughest single day course in cycle racing, the Paris-Roubaix cyclo-sportive on 8 June is still accepting entries.

4 thoughts on “Off-air antics: L’Enfer du Nord

  1. I can’t get this podcast to play in windows media player as normal. Is this down to too much vin. Can you please send different format???? I normally copy you to CD an listen in the car etc. Thanks, Andrew

  2. Andrew, there’s no podcast, just a short video which you should be able to see on any Flash-enabled browser. Let me know if it still isn’t appearing.

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