AudioBoo the Dunwich Dynamo

Update (6 July): Thanks to all those who took part. Interesting to hear the powers of reasoned speech decline as the night wore on. And there appeared to be problems uploading out of 3G range – something that should look into if this is really going to become a platform for mobile audioblogging. You can listen to all the audioBoos from the Dunwich Dynamo 2009 here. Some lovely photos here.

The Dunwich Dynamo is the greatest London cycle event, bar none. A free, turn-up-and-go night right to the Suffolk Coast. Just long enough to feel like a real achievement, but well within the reach of an averagely fit day-to-day cyclist. The Bike Show has featured DD16 and DD12 but this year, coverage is going to be a novel experiment in what Nathan Barley would probably refer to as “self-facilitating, crowd-sourced audio mashup”. But don’t let that put you off.

If you’re riding this year’s Dunwich Dynamo and you have an iPhone, then I hope you’ll take part in the experiment. Here’s how it works. audioBoo is a really nice free application (made by a London-based company) that allows you to record snippets of audio, up to three minutes in duration, and post them to the web. Audio blogging if you like. It’s incredibly easy to use and the sound quality from the iPhone’s internal microphone isn’t bad at all. You just need to sign up for a free audioBoo account and download the free app from the iPhone app store. Then you’re ready to go.

What I want you to do is to record moments from the night – before the start, during the ride, at the half-way stop, at the end, on the beach, in the cafe having breakfast… on the coach (or ride!) back, in the bath at home… wherever. Record anything you like. The ambiance, your own reflections, a short interview with a friend or stranger. Add the tag DD17 and all the snippets will be aggregated into a big pool of sound, a unique record of a unique night. If enough people do it, it should be possible to produce a feature on the radio show made up of everyone’s recordings. Simple as that. Any questions, hit the comments below…

London to Bristol (part two)

ridgewayIn an extended podcast edition of this week’s show, the journey from London to Bristol continues along the Ridgeway (pictured, left) to Avebury, one of the largest prehistoric stone circles in Europe. After a night by Lacock Abbey the route follows the Avon to Bath and the old railway track to Bristol. Featuring David Evans of the Highway Cycling Group, wild swimming author Daniel Start, Bristolian cyclists Mike McBeth and Matthew Symonds and Peter Lipman, Policy Director at Sustrans.

Photo credit: David Evans

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London to Bristol (part one)

bicycle_windowPart one of a ride from London to Bristol, in which presenter Jack Thurston is guided by listeners to the show. First stop is St Giles’ Church in Stoke Poges, home to the ‘bicycle window’ (pictured behind Jack and Denis Hartley, the Verger of the Church). One element of the window dates from 1642 and said to be the earliest ever depiction of a velocipede. The route passes through Willesden, Stoke Poges, Cookham, Henley-on-Thames before ascending the Berkshire Downs. Tune in next week for part two.

Photo credit: Michael Dunne


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No Bike Week: What happened?

nobikeweek A report on No Bike Week, in which a handful of courageous cyclists agree to abstain from two wheels for seven days. Find out what happened. And to read how the No Bike Week meme is evolving into something more akin to a direct action protest, check out No Cycle Day over at Crap Walking and Cycling in Waltham Forest and National Bring Your Car to Work Day at City Cycling.

Plus win a Cycle Film DVD of reconnaisance on this year’s Etape du Tour. And don’t forget to complete the Listener Survey.

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Southwark Cyclists Film Festival – tickets on sale now

We all love films about cycling, almost as much as radio programmes about cycling. The fabulous and unsurpassed Bicycle Film Festival comes to London but once a year and it’s a long summer before Brendt Barbur arrives from New York with his battered leather suitcase bursting with the latest in bicycle celluloid action. In the meantime, why not come down to the Southwark Cyclists Film Festival on Monday 15th June at the Shortwave, the new ’boutique’ cinema at Bermondsey Square. It promises to be a great evening, not least because I’ve helped to choose the films. Continue reading