Podcast special: Did Cycling Kill Kraftwerk?

On the eve of Kraftwerk’s eight night residency at the Tate Modern, Jack is joined by David Buckley, music writer and author of a new biography of the German electronic pop pioneers. Among the revelations in his book is evidence that a serious obsession with cycling contributed to the slowing of the band’s musical output in the 1980s and, ultimately, the break-up of the group’s classic line-up. Jack and David talk about Kraftwerk’s journey from experimental music-making to the pinnacle of influence over pop, rock, hip-hop and dance music as well as their love affair with riding their bikes.

5 thoughts on “Podcast special: Did Cycling Kill Kraftwerk?

  1. Jack, thanks for another brilliant interview. Your conversation with David Buckley was full of thoughful and surprising insights into the band, its branding and messaging, and its place in pop music history. Every minute was packed with depth. Bravo!

  2. Interesting to learn that Kraftwerk wrote Tour De France because Germany has a lot of bike paths and Germans like to cycle to beer gardens.

    • Hello from Snauk on the left coast of Turtle Island, aka Vancouver BC.
      Why Tour de France?
      1) No one’d buy a record called Deutschland-Rundfahrt. (besides me)
      2) I’ve ridden home on a bike path after hanging out at a beer garden and it wasn’t inspiring at all.
      3) The title was a warning to Jean-Michel Jarre that the band was coming after him for dissing their music as robotic Beach Boys covers.

  3. Brilliant. I had heard of the cycling connection with regard to the
    stalling of Kraftwerk’s musical output, but this wonderful interview explains it
    beautifully. Sorry to have missed the Tate shows. Great to see they are still
    rocking and rolling… (aww, bad attempt at a cycling joke) Cheers and thanks
    for the interview.

  4. Any expensive show, as it led me to go out and buy fresh copies of several Kraftwerk albums that I’d previously had on vinyl… why is Mr Bean second from the right in this photo?

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