Will The Bike Show review my cycling product?

The Bike Show is all about the ride and that’s why we don’t do a lot of product reviews. Ultimately it doesn’t matter a great deal what bicycle you’re riding, what you’re wearing or which brand of isotonic chamois cream you’ve smeared over your intimate regions. Or if you’ve smeared none at all.

However, there are some good bicycles and some good cycling products out there. There are some things that are not made for cycling but that cyclists may find useful.

If you make or sell something that you think listeners to The Bike Show would find useful or interesting, we’d like to hear from you. We’ll do our best to match your product with a thorough and knowledgable reviewer. Reviews are totally honest. If we hate something we’ll say so. If we like something, we’ll say that too.

Please do get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Will The Bike Show review my cycling product?

  1. My hope is this message finds you coming off a successful weekend. I am reaching out to you because I wanted to personally share some information about a technology my partners and I (Chris Mogridge & Alexis Stobbe) are introducing. Last week we launched the 1st Driver Alert solution for a cyclist called OTR Technology and we have engineered the solution into a tail light called the Shield TL. The Shield TL is NOT just a tail light. What makes it different from any other product currently available for a cyclist is our patent pending, radar-based solution. I have been working with Chris and Alexis on this project for 3.5-4 years.

    What does OTR Technology do? OTR Technology enhances the radar signal received by a car with radar to increase the riders visibility to the car. The technology allows the vehicle more easily “see” and accurately pinpoint the rider’s location as well as track their position on the road. This gives the driver and car more time to react and/or stop the car to avoid a potential collision.

    The Shield TL makes it easier for any car with radar to more easily and accurately see a rider. Radar has been installed in vehicles since 2013. Over 80% of unique car models sold in the U.S. this year include radar and In a conversation I had this week w/ my executive contacts from Toyota, I confirmed that 95% of their 2018 models will include radar. These models will be on showrooms floors in September of next year which means our technology becomes even more relevant in less than 12-months.

    Why I writing you? Because we have pre-sold just over 300 units in the first 12-days. I am methodically and purposefully contacting as many people as I can find that I believe have legitimate influence in the space and asking for help. For example, Emmitt Smith is a good friend of mine and you may or may not know is an avid cyclist himself. He started to helping me this week by pushing this information out thru his FB page as well as engaging followers on Twitter. He has also contacted some his personal friends (like Bo Jackson, Brett Farve, David Feherty and others) who like to ride to ask for their help spreading the word. Please consider taking a couple of minutes to take a look at what we are doing. My request is that you share where and with who you feel appropriate.

    We are using Kickstarter as a pre-sale platform for both exposure and to market the new product before it is available to consumers in the Spring.

    Thank you for the consideration.

    Geoff Godsey
    CEO, iLumaware LLC
    Ph 214.783.7989

    Shield TL Pre-sale Link:

  2. Hello,

    I’m Paul Gallagher, inventor of XSHIFTER the worlds first wireless shifting system.
    1. Fully crowdfunded in 2 days.
    2. Road, MTB, Recumbents, Tandem, arthritis sufferers, people with disabilities… XShifter serves a need for all types of riders.
    3. The price range is 1/10 of existing wireless shifters.
    4. Made to fit any existing derailleur. You can even mix and match your favourtite groupsets.

    Thank you for your time.

    Please contact me on paulg@xshifter.com or call +1 (661) 369 7666 , I would be glad to tell you more about the Xshifter.

    Kickstarter page http://bit.ly/xshifter-ks

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