Put Me Back On The Trike


Three months and 17,000 miles into his attempt to break the longest-standing record in cycling, Steve Abraham suffered a road crash with a moped, leaving him with two broken bones in his ankle. We hear from some of his many well-wishers and Steve explains how he came to the extraordinary decision to keep on riding, on a specially adapted tricycle.

7 thoughts on “Put Me Back On The Trike

  1. Wish Jack had asked him about his diet – wonder if he operates 95% on fat/protein. (Certainly nothing like my diet).

    • In the previous interview (broadcast in January) I did ask him about his diet and calorie intake. He said cheese and sausages would be the mainstay.

    Wait till You heal and start again.
    Other injuries will develop riding one legged.
    If you must ride.. use hands to cycle. While you recover.

  3. I have no doubt that others will disagree, especially as I have no personal experience in the matter, BUT several people I know who have tried recumbents have ended up with bad knees. Bearing in mind what you want to achieve, I say don’t risk it.

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