Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Nice to see the police setting an example. Today at 2.20pm on Webber Street, corner of Blackfriars Road, SE1.

For those who don’t know, this is an Advance Stop Line, a ‘safe place’ for cyclists to wait at junctions. If it wasn’t filled with two tonnes of Plod, that is.

The license number of the van is LX54 JBE.

‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’ roughly translates as ‘Who watches the watchmen?’

  • http://elyob.com Nick

    No surprise there then … ?

  • Bill G

    For all their faults (and they are legion) the presence of the Police does seem to calm down many road users.
    On my commute motorists do a lot less amber gambling when there is a copper or two across the junction.

  • http://www.cyclingtops.com Christain

    This would be a great photo for a ‘what happens next’ contest. My answer would be:
    A cyclist zooms up next to him, and plants his size nine firmly in the side of the offending vehicle.
    What exactly could they do to him?

  • http://www.berlinchester.wordpress.com Maisie

    “Two tonnes of Plod” – genius.

  • Wade

    It’s the same in New York and not only does the NYPD not ticket motor vehicles parked in bike lanes but they go out of their way to harass cyclists or do whatever else than can do to make it difficult for cyclists to merely commute, like parking in bike lanes. Their attitude towards Critical Mass is another example. Check out Critical Mass and NYPD on You Tube.

  • http://www.procyclingshirts.com Pierre

    If one were to fight the drivers of the offending vehicle, would one be eligible for the combativity award?

    I think one would be deserved, although of course there might be one or two laws against that.