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A pre-Christmas books special is now a firmly entrenched tradition on The Bike Show. This year’s edition covers more literary ground than ever before. Amateur bicycle librarians Tim Dawson of The Sunday Times and Carlton Reid of Bike Hub join Jack and Jen in the studio. Tim Dawson’s excellent Cycling Books website is well worth a visit. And you can find out more about Carlton Reid’s book project at

Here’s a rundown of the books discussed in this week’s show. If you buy any of the books listed (or anything else) via the Amazon links below, a little something will go towards keeping The Bike Show rolling on in 2012, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Bicycle Technology – Rob Van Der Plas
Bicycle Design – Mike Burrows
Cyclepedia – Michael Embacher
Tomorrow, We Ride – Jean Bobet
Slaying the Badger – Richard Moore
On Bicycles – Amy Walker
Bike Snob – Eben Weiss
Pedalare! Pedalare! – John Foot
The Little Black Bottle – Gerry Moore
The Death of Marco Pantani – Matt Rendell
The Boy Who Biked the World – Alistair Humphreys

Two great books that were not mentioned but were featured on the show earlier in the year are Racing Through the Dark by David Millar and It’s All About the Bike by Rob Penn.

4 thoughts on “Reading About Riding

  1. Great episode, a couple of those had passed me by but are now firmly at the top of my xmas list. But no How I won the Yellow Jumper by Ned Boulting?!

      • I read it and really enjoyed it – lots of nice stuff about his journey from someone with the vaguest understanding of the sport to enthusiast.

        Parts work best if you know the personalities in the ITV / British coverage, but I can’t recall *too* much of that, and I think they stand pretty well as anecdotes without that knowledge. It’s a warm, humourous book, and I really enjoyed it.

        On BikeSnob’s book, I prefer it to his blog – more of his enthusiasm for cycling comes across than does in his online pieces. The hardback edition I have is a lovely thing in its own right too, the design is wonderful.

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