Really Useful Bikes at the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show

Childback tandem by Wheeldan

Bespoked, the UK’s Handmade Bicycle Show is Britain’s biggest annual showcase for custom bike builders. It’s full to the rafters of beautiful bikes but Jack Thurston went in search of the most useful bikes at the show, from an off-road porteur to a separable road bike to a childback tandem in titanium.

Bikes discussed as follows:

George Longstaff: RuffStuff adventure touring bike / tandem trike with integrated wheelchair carrier
Caren Hartley: Demi-porkeur off road cargo bike
Richard Hallett: 650b Adventure
Wheeldan: Childback titanium tandem
Sven Cycles: Roadster
Sword Cycles: Cargo-trike
Teague Bicycles: Separable road bike
Sturdy Cycles: no maintenance audax bike and steel TT bike

View the bikesin the gallery below:

Bespoked show

3 thoughts on “Really Useful Bikes at the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show

  1. Thanks again Jack for bringing us the beauty of these handmade gems both on radio and the web. i so enjoyed listening to the thoughts of their creators. Maybe you should whack up some pix of these artisans if you have ’em. (I’m still wondering what the woman who sews for Carradice looks like….) Like lots of your bike shows, I can’t help myself but am compelled to follow up on the content you present. I’m currently doing time in that exemplar of cutting edge city planning – los angeles – so the old bike show is like popping up from under water and drawing in a deep restorative breath.

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