Return of The Bike Show: Monday 26 January 2009

After a restorative break, the show returns to the airwaves for the 2009 season at 6.30pm on Monday, 26 January. Tune in live at 104.4fm in central London or Resonance FM’s web stream. Or via the podcast. To subscribe via iTunes, click here.

The show will feature a Northumberland coastal ride with Daniel Start, author of 2008 best-seller Wild Swimming.

Update: Owing to technical ineptitude the podcast edition of the show will not be online until the early evening of Tuesday 27 January.

  • ChiPanBuddha

    Excellent news, the return of a gem of a show!

  • Matt

    Fantastic. Keep up the great work jack. The show just keeps getting better. I look forward to the new season.

  • Timo

    Great news!

    Timo from Finland

  • NickM

    Can’t wait. Caught up on the 100+ previous episodes this past fall.

    New York, USA

  • marc

    I can’t wait till Monday !

  • David Evans

    Hooray! Mondays have a point again!

  • Mark

    Very nice; you are just the tonic we need in these tough times!

    Let the fun begin! :)

  • James

    The MP3 doesn’t seem to be on the RSS feed

  • Dave Cain

    Hooray! The Bike Show is back! I was getting thirsty out there in the desert!

  • Kevin

    Jack is back! Jack is back! Jack is back!

  • Lee

    Awesome! i will be rushing home from work tonight to catch the live stream!


  • Neil

    I was just looking forlornly at the Bike Show iTunes feed thinking about how much i miss this show. So glad I check this web site – welcome back Jack!

  • Chris

    Brilliant! Yet another great show, loved the music. Like NickM I’ve been catching up on the back catalogue during the dark months – some real gems in there.

    Thanks Jack, keep it up!

  • James

    Thanks; great to have you back.

  • Aaron

    Thrilled to see action posted on the Bikeshow website; it is the tunnel at the end of riding through -25 C and snow here in Guelph, Canada.

  • Malcolm

    Great news…..the old tyres are hard……the sun is in the sky. All is right with the world again….

    If you forget the crunch of snow and credit, and the phones stopped ringing and another thing……

    Monday evenings are looking up again!