Rob Penn on Looking for the Perfect Bike

Cyclist, journalist and author Rob Penn travelled the world to put together his perfect bicycle. We talk about how his journey of discovery sheds light on the history of the bicycle and the contribution of bicycle technology to modern life. Rob is speaking at the Hay Literary Festival on 3rd June and is organising a ride there from Cardigan Bay on the west coast of Wales. All are welcome to join.

You can buy his book, It’s All About The Bike from Amazon on the link, below. Any purchases made after following this link will contribute a few pennies to Resonance FM, London’s non-profit community arts radio station.

7 thoughts on “Rob Penn on Looking for the Perfect Bike

  1. I enjoyed listening to this show. One question I would have loved for you to ask him was, seeing as he went round the world to collect his components, why didn’t he go the whole hog and build the bike himself, rather than let Brian Rourke do it?

    Also, the geek inside me would have like a full spec of the bike as an appendix to his book.

  2. It’s a lovely idea – building your own bike. But to do it well takes a certain amount of flair for fabrication and a long time. Every frame builder’s first few frames will be dogs.

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