Talking Le Tour with Paul Fournel

paul_fournelAn extended, hour long edition of the show featuring French writer, poet, cyclist and cultural ambassador Paul Fournel (pictured). We stroll from the French House in Soho to the Rapha Cycle Club in Clerkenwell, to visit an exhibition of a hundred years of racing bicycles. The exhibition runs for two more weeks and is well worth a visit. Paul Fournel’s book Besoin de Vélo is one of the loveliest pieces of writing about cycling and is available in English translation as Need for the Bike. If you buy it after clicking through on the link, Resonance FM gets a few pennies. Rob Ainsley of the Real Cycling blog reports on the launch of London’s two new cycle superhighways.

6 thoughts on “Talking Le Tour with Paul Fournel

  1. That was lovely discussion with Paul Fournel at the Rapha exhibition. I grew up in Coventry, and the discussion of the Coventry-built Centaur bike reminded me that Coventry is twinned with Paul’s home town of St Etienne. How appropriate that two great cycle cities should maintain that link.

  2. What a beautiful voice Paul Fournel has. Pretty much summed up Lance in a nutshell. An amazing athlete but I’ll not remember him as fondly as others gone before. Another great show, thank you.

    hat !

  3. Hello Jack,
    thank you so much for bringing on Paul Fournel in your programme that often. The Need for the Bike has been a great source of consolation while recovering from my own little cycling injury. The podcast too, for that matter. Thank you indeed for the five years of bike show goodness!

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