The end of the road

It’s the end of the road for The Bike Show. Find out why in this special podcast only final edition featuring many Bike Show favourites including Buffalo Bill, editor of Moving Target, cycle sport correspondent William Greswell, London bike messenger Nhatt Attack, Barry Mason of Southwark Cyclists, and Joe and Wes from the London Bicycle Repair Company.

Please note that this special episode was broadcast on 1 April and is what is known, in France, as Un Poisson D’Avril.

34 thoughts on “The end of the road

  1. Excellent news, long overdue. But “The Automobile Show” is a bit of a mouthful. As you get used to driving, you’ll discover that the aim is to stay in the highest gear possible. That is the gear that allows the internal combustion engine to run at the speed which is the most efficient. Parts do not wear when you drive this way, so the vehicle doesn’t depreciate. In fact any car that has been able to run in the highest gear, and at the highest speed, for all its life, is worth more than the price you paid those lovely people at the dealership for it (they only sell it to you so cheap because they are too busy nursing sick kittens and teaching underprivileged third-world children how to read.) If it wasn’t for all those pesky cyclists, who have the brass neck to get in the way of motorists, all cars could maintain this optimum speed, at which all that comes out of the exhaust pipe is a vague aroma of lavender, and clean, refreshing natural spring water. So a good name for your new show would allude to this ideal gear: something like “Highest Gear” or “Uppermost Gear”. There is a snappy title along those lines, I just can’t think of it right now. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

  2. Great news Jack.

    Just as you’ve managed to enlighten listeners about bicycling subcultures I hope you’ll be able to shine a light on the under-represented elements of motoring.

    A regular section called The School Run where we get to hear from mothers in SUVs would be brilliant. I’m pretty sure they’d dig your tweeds too Jack – just the thing for their country estates in Notting Hill.

  3. Yeah, you’ve convinced me too now. Four wheels good, two wheels baaad. Four wheels g…

    Looking forward to the Car Show!

  4. Come on, we all knew it was rubbish, this bicycle nonsense. Who have we been kidding all these years? About time someone pointed out the emperor’s new clothes. I for one am relieved, I’m junking my ride and getting some sweet alloys, no longer will I have to worry about my expanding girth, my car can take it!

    I love the smell of petrol in the morning.

  5. As an American listener, I am sorry to see the Bike Show has become another victim of the failed global economy. Our domestic automakers GM and Chrysler are failing, as you have doubtless heard, and are in need of a new corporate strategy to secure the federal billions they need to stay afloat. One of them will doubtless rush in to fill the smart transportation gap by picking up where Jack and the Bike Show have left off. I can hardly wait to hear on the new US Bike Show about the unveiling of bikes under the “Hummer” and “Cadillac” labels.

    American transportation ingenuity rules!

    Thanks for a great podcast, Jack.

  6. Poisson d’Avril!!!! hahaha!!
    William, biker!! I’m loving it!!
    I’m getting a Harley myself!! Yep. True.
    Forget tweed, go for leather…. hihi

  7. I don’t have time for April Fools!

    You got me for about 2 minutes and 52 seconds.

    Jack, Jack, Jack… that’s not funny

  8. First time listener, great show!

    The girl taking about setting around drinking and talking about running over cyclist had me in the floor…

    It is now in my favorites.

  9. Jack you’re totally right, i can’t wait to get back into my car and just waste time in traffic jams listening to razorlight on the radio. What were we thinking using physical exertion to get around, man we were suckers!

  10. I needed a good laugh. Funny thing is, that I was bit tired of riding a bike. The bloody rain was starting to get me down, now ’tis just another fine soft morning.

    Thank you Mr. Thurston.

  11. Huh???
    So is this a joke or not? I don’t get it?
    If this was a joke… is the show over for good, or was that a joke too?

  12. I too have had an epipahny moment, a conversion on the road to Box Hill. From now on I’ll be following the teachings of the prophet Jeremy. Repenting my belief that F1 is the world’s second most boring sprort. I’ll also be taking up the advice of my friend Ken, who’s long maintained that I should sell my house and live in a Ferrari, and joining Buffalo Bill for a Pimms 🙂 Halleluja & amen.

  13. Sorry to hear that you’re only going into more-than-two-wheel transit in such a lame way.

    Obviously, you don’t understand the virtues of 8 to 16 wheel or more (or tracked) vehicles.

    Also jet engine powered and 800 liter diesels should become standard.

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