The Healing Machine

CHIN Picnic Criterium Races 2012 044

What makes a 40-year-old man take up bike racing? Jack Thurston talks with Bill Strickland, American cycling journalist, author of a clutch of cycling books including a memoir, Ten Points, which tells of how his quest to make a mark on his local amateur bike racing scene helped him come to terms with his own inner demons caused by the torture he suffered as a child at the hands of an abusive father. Bill also talks about the fallout from the disgrace of Lance Armstrong, the state of doping in today’s pro peloton and his #CapsNotHats campaign. Plus Jon Spencer tells of his journey to become a Super Randonneur.

2 thoughts on “The Healing Machine

  1. Hi Jack. I am a new listener, and just made a donation because I really enjoy your show and listen all the time. I especially like the touring shows, as I hope to tour some day. So much to learn!! I got the Strickland book after listening to you show. Not sure if I would recommend it, but the reasons are really personal to me. Keep it up!!

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