The Millar’s Tale

David Millar, the British road racer, one of the best riders in his generation, had it all. His first day of racing in the Tour De France brought him an impressive stage victory over Lance Armstrong and he was instantly a celebrated figure in the professional peloton. But a few years later, it all fell apart as he was unmasked as having used banned performance enhancing drugs. He was disgraced and banned from competition for two years. Many thought it was game over.

But David Millar has returned to professional racing as an anti doping crusader. His recent performances have shown it’s possible to win without doping. He has written a book about his life, his travels to the dark side and what he believes to be his redemption.

In an extended interview with The Bike Show, Millar talks about the past, present and future of professional road racing. His book is out on 16 June, published by Orion Books. Buy on the link (right) and a few pennies will go to keep the Resonance FM on the air.

Picture credit: Team Garmin-Cervelo

5 thoughts on “The Millar’s Tale

  1. Bloody Hell, Mr Thurston, another cracking show. Hat to you and your inimitable interview style. While David Millar obviously has a task to do promoting his book the interview had none of the feel of a typical promotional piece; it really felt like Mr M was fully engaged and a lot of that is down to your approach, calm and committed. A joy to listen to (while stuck in my car on the A414 – ugh).
    On a more sad note, goodbye to Barry Mason – a great loss.
    Great show – many thanks!

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  3. Excellent show – what a great subject he is. His description of time-trialling is absolutely spot-on. (Obviously, I have never ridden at anything like the speed that he ride)

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