6 October 2008: The Moulton Story (part two)

The concluding episode of a two-part feature on the story of Dr Alex Moulton and the reinvention of the bicycle. We pick up the story with the launch of the Moulton space frame design (pictured left) in the early eighties. Featuring interviews with eaturing interviews with Dr Alex Moulton, Shaun Moulton, Tony Hadland, Michael Woolf, Paul Villiers, George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore, Chris Mahon, Patrick Doocey and Mog from Brixton Cycles.

Play on links below. Other file formats (Ogg Vorbis, 64kb MP3) over here.

Further reading:

Alex Moulton Bicycles
The Moulton Bicycle Club – enthusiasts for Moultons new and old.
Tony Hadland’s Moulton pages.
Moulton Buzz – Moulton blog by Patrick Doocey
Villiers Velo – customisation of new Moulton bicycles
Profile of Alex Moulton in the Financial Times.
Feature on Alex Moulton in the Architecture Journal (accompanied by some stunning photographs).

3 thoughts on “6 October 2008: The Moulton Story (part two)

  1. thank you so much for these shows, absolutely superb. Never knew people used to race on them. Speaking as a roadie, I could imagine they might be great in a time trial, but in a road race surely you’d lose energy in a full on sprint ? Generally you need something a little more rigid, and bigger wheels give you more stability when throwing the bike around. thanks again.

  2. Well if the UCI would allow them, we’d see, wouldn’t we?

    In my limited experience I would agree that the Moulton is less well-suited to out of the saddle riding (e.g. in climbing) but the space frames are pretty rigid. If you think about it, the presence of suspension allows the frame to be stiffer than an unsuspended bike (which has to offer a bit of frame-based cushioning for rider comfort). Thus suspension allows for more efficient power transfer. If you imagine driving a car without suspension you’ll get the idea.

    Glad you enjoyed the shows!

  3. Jack;
    Two excellent Moulton episodes! Very well done. And who would have considered a mash up of Steve Reich’s music and Alex Moulton bicycles? Works for me!
    The comments about load carrying were accurate – an underappreciated feature of the bikes. Weight is carried within the wheelbase, as low as possible and in line with the frame – all with the excellent Moulton racks and bags. Having ridden Moultons for 40 years, it still annoys me how clumsy my “other” bikes are at handling even modest loads of groceries and camera equipment.

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