The Politics of Adventure


Jack Thurston’s guest this week is self-confessed angry young man, Julian Sayarer (pictured, above), who, five years ago, set a new record for cycling around the world. Having taken a strong dislike to Mark Beaumont, the previous record-holder, whose record attempt was backed by big business and, thought Sayarer, represented everything that was wrong with the world. He wanted to beat Beaumont and take the record back ‘for the people’.

They meet on on the banks of the River Wye a few miles downstream from the city of Hereford. Julian Sayarer’s book Life Cycles is published by John Blake and available in paperback and on the Kindle.

2 thoughts on “The Politics of Adventure

  1. “Having taken a strong dislike to Mark Beaumont -”


    In his TV cycling series, Beaumont invariably comes across as a pretty cool bloke – uncomplaining, good natured, and humorous. I don’t see any negatives to dislike.

    I listened to this interview and, Sayarer presents himself as a pompous self-important tit, constantly impressing himself with his own jargon filled academic Leftie-speak. What a phoney.

    • Yes I too enjoyed his leftist views and his various comments against big companies like the ones that make the bikes he rides. He talks about being SUSTAINABLE and buying food in co ops etc. mmm interesting.

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