The World’s Oldest Bicycle Race?

The first Catford Cycling Club ‘Hill Climb’ was held at Westerham Hill on August 20th 1887. The 112th edition will take place on Yorks Hill in Kent, on Sunday 21st October at 11am. The race is run as a time trial with riders starting at one minute intervals to race just 707 yards, which in parts includes a gradient of 1 in 4. The top riders will cover this distance in less than two minutes, although The Bike Show correspondents may take rather longer. Entries close on 10 October and it costs £6 to enter. Therese Bjorn at Rapha is organizing a group ride down from central London, to tire out the competition. Full details below the fold. See you on the parcours!

Catford Hill Climb

3 thoughts on “The World’s Oldest Bicycle Race?

  1. It’s a really tough climb. It took me 2 mins 5 secs. You can’t sprint right from the start, you need to leave just a little bit more for the last section. Crowd is fantastic though.

  2. That’s a pretty long climb and its good to know that there are some climbing activities that reached 112th! Good job to those who completed the climb and made it to the top.

    Melissa Page
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