Vote Now: £50 million for cycle paths

The vulgar spectacle and regressive tax on the poor and the hopeless that is the UK’s National Lottery, is giving away £50 million of its ill-gotten loot to one of four ‘worthy causes’, to be decided by a popular vote in which everyone in the UK can take part. The poll closes on 10 December.

One of four projects in the running is Sustrans, the excellent charity which makes bike paths and other good things in the cause of sustainable transport. If it wins the vote, Sustrans would spend the money on Connect2:

“A UK-wide project that aims to improve local travel in 79 communities by creating new walking and cycling routes for the local journeys we all make every day. By building bridges and crossings over busy roads, rivers and railway lines, Connect2 will get people to the places they want to go. Each crossing will link to a network of walking and cycling routes, taking you to your schools, shops, work and green spaces. Connect2 will also bring people closer together, making journeys quicker and more convenient and leaving more time to spend with family and friends.”

After the jump is a rather tacky video that explains all about it. Anyway, as the Chicago mob bosses used to say, vote early and vote often. By phone on 0870 24 24 602 (calls cost 10p from a landline, maybe a shade more from a mobile) or online.

2 thoughts on “Vote Now: £50 million for cycle paths

  1. Sounds like sour grapes from Bellamy, who lost the plot a long time ago. If supporters of the other projects in the running for the money didn’t figure out how to make use of the voting system, then their lack of initiative ought to count against them.

    The main reason I think the Sustrans project won is that it was the only ‘national’ project and therefore had a relevance to may more people than the other three, which were basically local projects confined to a single location.

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