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I have to confess that I’m amazed and delighted at the success of The Bike Show’s podcast edition. Most listeners will be aware that The Bike Show is made for broadcast on Resonance FM, an experimental art radio station in London. However, thanks to podcasting, it is reaching a much wider audience, right around the globe.

So first of all, thanks again to Jon Oates, who first encouraged me to get my podcasting act together and held my hand while I flapped around trying to do it. This was back in May 2005, in the early prehistory of podcasting, before iTunes podcast directory, Ricky Gervais and all.

Since then, The Bike Show’s podcast has grown in popularity to a point where it is downloaded each week by between 1000 and 1500 subscribers! Almost all of this has been through word of mouth. I have done zero promotion as I’m too busy just making the show itself every week.

But I’ve been told that a good way to spread the word about The Bike Show is to vote for it on Podcast Alley. You can do that in a flash by clicking here. So far there is a grand total of 7 votes. The show deserves more than that, doesn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Vote for The Bike Show

  1. Podcast listeners would get a better deal from the Bike Show if you’d only standardized your mp3 file protocol. They are all over the place, are never consistent and play havoc with catch up downloads.

    Digital media means digital media and when you use file names like:


    whats’ supposed to happen when you get to March? The computer won’t know the show is in March(03) –or even in 2007! –because it’s reading the day of the month digits first, ain’t it? So how do you think your show gets listed in a folder?

    So Jack you gotta change your file system to this (or something like it):



  2. Fair point Dave. I fess up 100%

    But you’ll appreciate from listening to the show that I’m not exactly the most precise, logical and organised kind of person. And I don’t think you’d like the show so much if I were!

    But from now on I’ll follow your file naming system.

    Do you think that if I rename all the past files, this will create problems for people, my hunch is that it might….

  3. Jack it’s an eccentricity — but thats’ not a foreign attribute to bi-cy-clists , is it now? I’m a grown man on a dog scooter so you have to be mutually tolerant I reckon. But unfortunately you would have lost subscribers because of this particular failing.– and I was almost among them.

    But hey I love the show.

    I’m very existentialist and won’t personally be demanding that you rename ALL the shows. But it would be to filing advantage I think as most podcatchers do list all the audio files available when they first subscribe to a feed and the date that registers in real time is the date the subscription began so as far as the reader/catcher is concerned all the files were created on the day the sub began. So the only sorting relies on consecutive numbering.

    My recompense will be to DEMAND a program on scooters & kick bikes. Big time in Europe but obviously not de rigueur in London.

  4. iTunes (which accounts for 90% of Bike Show subscribers) seems to order files in order that they were posted, taking the date from the XML feed. So anyone using iTunes – and this is most people – shouldn’t have any problems even with my eccentric file naming habits. Though I’m always happy to serve the 10%. And I’m reading ISO8061 with great interest (!)

  5. Hiya Jack, just wanted to let you know that your show is deeply appreciated over here in Hong Kong too…!.. and I thank my lucky stars every day for podcasting, otherwise your brilliant show would be impossible for me to listen to.

    Thanks for all your efforts, keep up the good work, and if you’re ever in this neck of the woods, let me know.


  6. You got my vote!
    I listen with iTunes and filenames and ordering seems fine.
    I wish I could remember how I found out about your show but I can’t. Keep up the great work!

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