What It Really Means to Go Dutch

To many UK cycling campaigners, David Hembrow is a Moses-type figure, handing down tablets of smooth, car-free red asphalt from the streets of Assen in the Netherlands where he lives and writes the blog A View from the Cycle Path. He’s also a controversial figure, arguing that separation of cars and bikes is essential for mass cycling and that many UK campaigners are either on the wrong track or suffering from hopelessly low expectations. In an extended interview David explains why he moved from England to the Netherlands in search of cycling nirvana and what the Dutch have got to teach the rest of the world when it comes to making cycling friendly towns and cities.

Image credit: David Hembrow

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  • val: hembrow

    sorry for late reply only just logged in .brilliant interview Dave thanks will speak this evening .xxxxoooo

  • http://hembrow.blogspot.com DavidHembrow

    I enjoyed the interview with Jack very much – but there was one question in the interview which might sounds as if it had been dodged. This didn’t happen on purpose, that’s just how it came out. I wrote a response to that question as well as going a bit further on the theme of “What it really means to Go Dutch” in a blog post which follows on from this interview.