14 January 2008: Are cycling Waterloo sunsets under threat?

Thames at nightSouthwark Council plans to ban cyclists from a key stretch of the Thames Path, which runs along the south bank of the Thames, alongside the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre. Jack Thurston canvases the (mixed) opinions of passersby and rapidly discovers that no one has been consulted about this proposed new byelaw. Koy Thomson, director of the London Cycling Campaign shares his perspective on the plans and argues for shared space. Amy Cooper reports on cycle training with Patrick Field and a new year’s wish list of cycle-friendly policies for the next Mayor of London.

For more on the draft byelaw banning cycling on the Thames Path, visit Southwark Cyclists’ website. To make your views known to the two Southwark Councillors responsible for this policy area, you can email them directly:


It might be a good idea to forward or cc any emails you send on this to the redoubtable Barry Mason of Southwark Cyclists, who is leading the campaign against the byelaw:


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