Bike Show presenter Jack ThurstonThe Bike Show is a cycling podcast that began life in 2004 as a weekly radio show onĀ  radio art station Resonance 104.4fm in central London. A complete archive is available here. Each podcast episode is typically downloaded by 20,000-30,000 listeners.

Some well-known cycling folk who have appeared on The Bike Show over the years: Eddy Merckx, Alex Moulton, Andrew Ritchie, Ron Cooper, Jeremy Deller, David Millar, Stephen Roche, Gavin Turk, David Herlihy, Dave Brailsford, Simon Mottram, Shanaze Reade, Paul Fournel, Mark Ellen, Isla Rowntree, Eileen Sheridan, Michael Hutchinson, Grant Petersen, Jenny Jones, Christian Wolmar, Matt Seaton, Lionel Birnie, Klaus Bondam, Rob Penn, Simon Mottram, Graeme Fife, Martin Newell, Sheldon Brown, Mark Miodownik, Graeme Obree, Stephen Bayley & Johan Musseuw. You can find them all by searching the archive.

So what’s it like? Take a listen to these half-hour compilations of some of the best bits:

The best bits, 2008-2010


The best bits, 2004-2007


Features and profiles:

Q&A with the In The Saddle blog

Review on The Inner Ring blog

Review on The Drum Up blog

Cycling Plus

Cycling Plus, December 2007


Momentum, June 2007

City Cycling

City Cycling, Issue 4

Press mugshot of Jack Thurston: Print version (TIFF / 4MB); Web version (JPG / 264 kb)