Are Modern Bikes Rubbish?

Bike technology is changing at a dizzying pace. There’s a bike for everything, from road racing and time trialling to gravel grinding and bikepacking to heavyweight touring and every shade of mountain biking. And that’s not to mention electric assist bikes, cargo bikes and folding bikes.

There are new technologies like self adjusting, all weather hydraulic brakes, tubeless tyres that mend their own punctures, and gear shifting at the press of an electronic switch – to name but three.

But has all this whizzbangery come at a price? Are modern bikes soulless, disposable products with obsolescence built in?

To decide whether or not modern bikes are rubbish, Jack is joined by two experts in bike technlogy – Guy Andrews and Dave Arthur.

Guy a cycling journalist of longstanding. He was editor of Cycling Today way back in the 1990s, Road Cycling UK and was the founding editor of Rouleur Magazine. He now runs the boutique publishing house Blue Train Publishing.

Dave is a freelance bike journalist, previously an editor of and before that staff writer at RCUK. He’s part of the team at has is own his own YouTube channel Just Ride Bikes, which has had more than 5 million views.