Tell us your best ride of 2011

Next Monday 12th December will be the last edition of the show for 2011. A time both for looking back at the year gone by and ahead to 2012. To that end, we really really want to know:

(i) What was your favourite bike ride of 2011?


(ii) What is the ride you’re most excited about in 2012?

The best ride of the year needn’t be glamourous or high-achieving, just pleasurable and memorable. It could have be completing a long distance audax, an interesting urban excursion, a gentle roll in the countryside or a thrilling night ride. The Etape du Tour or a trip down to the shops.

Likewise, your most exciting ride for 2012 needn’t be signed and sealed. It could be just at the planning stage and in need of further development.

Email your responses to by lunchtime on Monday 12 December including a name and whereabouts you live (or put them in the comments below) and they’ll be included in the broadcast later that day.