City of London: Cyclist traffic casualty statistics

I previously wrote about last months’ City of London Police’s recent Road Safety Forum. I mentioned some statistics that were presented by Sergeant Alan Rickwood. Sergeant Ringwood was kind enough to send me his slides afterwards, and I can share them here.

Over at Moving Target Bill reports on the separate Metropolitan Police Traffic Unit, which he considers to be “a remarkably progressive organisation”. Bill reminds us that the Unit is holding one of its regular lorry/hgv/cyclist education days this coming Monday morning, on St George’s Road, SE1. It starts at 7am and features a tipper lorry of exactly the type that was involved in the collisions that killed Harriet Tory and Seb Lukomski. You will be able to get into the cab and see the road from the driver’s point of view. The Traffic Unit will also be handing out the Fresnel lenses that aid lorry driver’s views of their passenger side, into which they have difficulty seeing.

I’ll be down there with microphone in hand gathering views of cyclists on the experience. If you see me, come over and say hello.