Resonance FM fundraiser – please give generously

Resonance FM, the London community radio station that is home to The Bike Show, needs listener donations if it is to carry on providing the kind of radio that you cannot find anywhere else.

All the programme-makers on Resonance FM, and all the studio engineers, give our time for free.

There are just three and a half paid employees at the station. Three and a half. There are probably more people employed to make tea for You and Yours.

Resonance FM’s staff keep the station running and the studio up to scratch, they they make sure the antenna safely on top of a tall building near London Bridge, run special events and outside broadcasts and commission new shows and secure the charitable foundation and Arts Council funding that provides the bulk of the station’s income. As well as a very modest staff bill, Resonance has to pay rent on its small premises, pay various broadcast license fees and keep all the studio equipment working.

The station’s fundraising target is £30,000 by the end of this fundraising week. There’s an Auction going on over here.

If everyone who regularly listens to The Bike Show by podcast gave just £3, that would meet half the fundraising target for the whole station.

You can just donate using the Paypal box to the left. Or even more simply, send a text message.

Text RZFM14 followed by the pound sign and either 5 or 10 (or more if you’re feeling generous) and send the text to the following number: 70070. That’s seven zero zero seven zero.

Thank you.